Our Campaign:

Campaign for the truth and a viable peace process between Israeli Jews and Palestinians

Palestinian’s & Israel’s Jews  have the right to the truth , mutual recognition  and a  viable peace process.

Our new Campaign is for the truth about the Palestinian people for what is right for them  and for Israeli Jews and for a viable peace process between Israeli Jews and Palestinians.

Our campaign is based on and inspired by the following writings all seeking that Israeli Jews and Israel’s supporters must know and understand the Palestinian story  tand therefore  be well placed to  be in a viable peace process with them. :

Natasha Gill,(“founder and director of TRACK4, which runs negotiation simulations for diplomats, mediators, journalists, policy makers, students and community leaders.”)   wrote  an article in Haaretz the Israeli newspaper in 2013

The original ‘no’: Why the Arabs rejected Zionism, and why it matters:

In which she says Israeli Jews and Israel;s supporters must know the basics of the Palestinians story especially about their nativeness and the origin of conflict to make a viable peace process with them.

 “A viable peace process does not require either party to embrace or even recognize the legitimacy of the other’s narrative. It requires that both have an informed and non-reductionist understanding of what this narrative consists of, come to terms with the fact that it cannot be wished away, and recognize that elements of it will make their way to the negotiating table and have to be addressed”

Israeli Jews and supporters have a blind spot in not knowing that the Palesinian people lived and thrived in Palestine before the Zionist movement came.

Haaretz Israeli Newspaper in its editorial published Apr 29, 2014 stated

“Israel must make the history of the Palestinians an integral part of every school curriculum.”

“This is the road that will lead to understanding and mutual recognition.” more

Unfortunately Israel’s leaders Netanyahu  have got worse in massive effort to delegitiming demonisisng and stereotyping the Palestinian people, for instance in telling their own people western  leaders and media that the Palestinian people only arrived in Palestine  1940’s  the opposite of what is needed.

Howevr all is not lost Natasha Gill :Britain can and should as third party tell the history debnking the myths.  If Britain admit its failings that led to the catastrophe in 1948  then Israel might too. Guardian 2010.

Britain the opportunity to speak to the parties from a position of humility and even complicity: not as an outsider trying to impose its will, but as a former party to the conflict, one that has a moral and historical stake in its resolution, in a way that even the US can never have.” More

The coverage of the BBC is “misleading ” and causes public “bewilderment”

In 2006 an independent panel for the Governors reported on the BBC coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.


They reported

There are, in particular, gaps in coverage, analysis, context and perspective.. In summary, the finding is that BBC coverage does not consistently constitute a full and fair account of the conflict but rather, in important respects, presents an incomplete and in that sense misleading picture. 

More specifically, these shortcomings include an absence of historical background and deficiencies in the provision of other contexts (such as the role of the wider Middle East in the conflict), and insufficient analysis and interpretation of some important events and issues, including shifts in Palestinian society, opinion and politics. There was little reporting of the difficulties faced by the Palestinians in their daily lives.

Interestingly, the evidence shows that most viewers and listeners, at least within the UK,
present a different challenge. They regard the BBC as unbiased. But they say they do not
understand the conflict and, perhaps for that reason, do not see it as important or interesting.
Given how little history or context is routinely offered, it is easy to understand their

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