Britain vs Palestinians 1917- 1948


The British army  vs Palestinians  1917 to 1948:

History of Britain in Palestine 1917 to 1948 and the Creation of Israel.

The Balfour Declaration November 1917

Britain , acceding to Zionist Leader’s request,  publicly promised the Jews of the world a national home in Palestine , the country of the native Palestinians, and  promised  to use its “best endeavours” to  effect it.  It then employed  the British army , an overwhelming force , to impose this on the Palestinian people.The Zionists originated as a European Jewish movement in the late 1900s  seeking  a Jewish state for all Jews.

Churchill , Minister for the Colonies 1919, stated   “There are Zionists whom we are pledged to introduce into Palestine and who take it for granted that the local population will be cleared out to suit their convenience”. ‘Churchill and the Jews Martin Gilbert.

The British Army  commanders vs the Palestinian people   1917  to 1948:

Commanders of the British army:

enforced mass immigration of Jewish migrants and settlers from Europe on the  Palestinians, the native people of Palestine.

recognised the Zionist leadership as a representative of Jews in Palestine and a Government in waiting,.

trained the Zionist forces in ethnic cleansing and  in widespread collective punishment . Together they smashed the Palestinian rural rebellion  in 1939 sometimes destroying whole villages.This left the Palestinians with no capacity to defend their families , their villages or urban areas   from the ethnic cleansing that followed  in 1948. The rebellion was against the British Goverment’s proposal to partition Palestine and ethnically  cleanse Palestinians from the area proposed for a Jewish state.

in 1948  stood their  forces down and did not protect  Palestinian families  as Zionist forces  terrorised and ethnically cleansed over half of them out of three quarters of their country to make Israel. Palestinians call this the Nakba -the catastrophe.

refused a unit of the UN entry  to Palestine during the ethnic cleansing.  The UN  wanted to save as many Palestinian families as possible with their little resources but Britain’s commanders would not let them.

passed copies of the deeds of Palestinian property and resources to the Zionist leadership which helped  the Zionist forces to not just rob  half of all Palestinian families but also  enabled them  to turn the  property over to the Zionist movement with the “legal” paperwork.

covered up the ethnic cleansing crime  such  that it has never entered the history books till  Israel’s new historians found the facts from Britain’s and Israel’s released documents in the 1990s that showed over 500 villages and major Palestinian urban areas  had been destroyed and their populations terrorised and driven out. The cover up also meant that the world continued to believe then that the Jews in Israel were facing another Holocaust.


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