Britain vs Palestinians -The Nakba


The Nakba

In the final 6 months of Britain’s army rule   in Palestine  ,Nov 1947-May 14th 1948, its commanders allowed the Zionist forces to start ethnically cleansing  Palestinians from most of Palestine  to make a Jewish state , Israel. The Palestinians call this the Nakba.

Before Britain had left,  Zionist forces , trained by Senior British officers , were well advanced in their ‘cleansing’ mission .They had driven out over 250,000 Palestinians , emptied much of the  urban areas of  their Palestinian population , including Western Jerusalem  and Haifa and over 200 villages (and bombed them to rubble) as “75,000 British soldiers stood by and  watched.” Ilan Pappe  2006 

In some of the villages that were close to urban centres, the Jewish troops followed a policy of massacres in order to precipitate the flight of the people in the cities and towns nearby.” I Pappe 2006

The use of loudspeaker trucks. : “These would be used in the villages and towns to urge the Palestinians to flee before they were all killed, to warn that the Jews were using poison gas and atomic weapons, or to play recorded ‘horror sounds’ – shrieking and moaning, the wail of sirens, and the clang of fire-alarm bells”. I.Pappe 2006

All this whilst British Commnders failed to protect the Palestinian people.

Powepoint Presentation “Britain  vs Palestinians The Nakba

Britain and Israel’s cover up

Britain covered up the Zionist/Israel’ leaders ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and Britains role in it. Britain thus allowed Zionist/Israeli leaders to slander the  Palestinian people by  claiming  they left  their homes en masse to faciltate another Holocaust of the Jews this time in Palestine.

So began  the misconception of Israel being under threat of destruction by what Israel claims are the inherently anti-Semitic,  irrationally violent Palestinian people that is now reiterated in different forms  by Israel and its supporters at every turn incuding Britain’s Leaders and Media.

Britain’s responsibilities and obligations.

The UN in describing situations of gross human rights abuses (such as the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians ) declared that there is an “obligation on the responsible power at the time, to protect and guarantee human rights, to conduct effective investigations and to guarantee effective remedy and reparations UNHCR 2006

Britain has neglected to fulfil any of these obligations to the refugees that were ethnically cleansed from Palestine in 1948 under the eyes of Britain’s commanders when Britain was still the responsible  power ..

These refugees  have been denied their right to return to their homes ever since by the Israel’s army’s threat of death to anyone who tries to go back and by Britain’s  failure to fulfill  its responsible for the  truth about them and failing to  pursue justice for them.