We call on Britain to tell the world about the Palestinian story as it witnessed /effected it from 1917 to 1948 , to  admit its culpablity and set the record straight on  the origins of the conflict in Palestine  and the ethnic cleansing (Nakba)  at Israel’s creation when more than half the Palestinin people were made into refugees.

This to lead to understanding of the Palestinians worldwide  and especially among all Israel supporters and  among Israeli Jews.

This in turn to lead to mutual acceptance between Israeli Jews and Palestinians, and bring a just and  lasting peace.

This campaign is inspired by the Haaretz, Israeli Newspaper Editorial proposal 29 April 2014 : (Excerp here) .

The Israeli government must, therefore, make the history of the Palestinians an integral part of every school curriculum. It must cease its systematic disregard of the Nakba (the Palestinian term for the “catastrophe” they suffered upon Israel’s founding), arrange a program for touring the ruins of villages that were destroyed, encourage exchange visits and instill in the curriculum the message of the historic partnership between the two nations. This is the road that will lead to understanding and mutual recognition.

A national and human disaster befell the Palestinians in 1948 . This disaster must be studied and understood, not merely to fathom the political and diplomatic motives of the Palestinian leadership as they negotiate with us, but as a cultural and human obligation. All the more so when this disaster affects a fifth of the state’s population and millions of Palestinians with whom Israel seeks to end the historic conflict.

and inspired  also by:

 Ilan Pappe’s “The ethnic cleansing of Palestine ”


Natasha Gill 25th March 2010 in the Gurdian wrote  ” recognition of its past in the Middle East by Britain and a decision to openly address Britain’s role could have an impact on the most unbridgeable gap between Palestinians and Israelis: the question of ultimate responsibility for the conflict”   and in 2013  The Original ‘No’: Why the Arabs Rejected Zionism, and Why It Matters

Dr. Natasha Gill is founder and director of TRACK4, which runs negotiation simulations for diplomats, mediators, journalists, policy makers, students and community leaders.
Briatins Duty

Britain’s state  can and should tell the history of the Palestinians.

 Britain has  the moral duty  to educate the world and especially Israeli Jews and the pro Israel camp in the Palestinian story and therefore has the key to the solution of the conflict

Britain  created the conflict in Palestine, played a major part in it from the beginning to the end of its 30 year rule  ,  allowed whilst still the responsible power the ethnic cleansing and creation of the Palestinian refugees to make Israel in 1948 and has since then has covered all of up it.

Britain as the responsible power has an obligation to fulfil the UN defined right to the truth and justice and reparation ” for  the Palestinian refugees. Palestinian Refugees are Britains responsibility as it allowed the ethnic cleansing of  Zionist/Israel forces to empty Palestinian urtban areas and over 200 villages to make Israel before Britain’s army left and then left Palestine with none toprotect them as Israel drove out a total of 800,000 refugees  and hen took all their homes , farms resources community an family to itslef

Britain has morally supported Israel ever since,  especially in its self made image of continuously under threat of annihilation , this whilst Israel itself uses its army  to militarily prevent the refugees from coming home and  to  occupy and to colonise  more of Palestine to create  a Greater Israel whilst  persecuting the Palestinians there

Britain by telling the true Palestinian history would support the noble cause of educating everyone in  the Palestinian story as promoted  by Haaretz (below)   .

It is  unlikely that the present PM Netanyahu  will ever allow  the telling of  Palestinian history in Israeli schools  since he is a most violent enemy leader against  and ardent demoniser of the Palestinian people .



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