Netanyahu historical conflict

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The origin of the conflict

Netanyahu  continuously promotes the myth that Palestine was a wilderness with little or no Palestinians and hat early Zionist settlers made the desert bloom. more quote Cameron

Netanyahu promotes the narrative that the conflict began In 1947 when Palestinians , didn’t accept UNSCOP and attacked the newly formed state- in 1948. more

link quote Netanyahu & refugees. link. effect of 1948 2nd holocaust ,  UK USA blair.  see  also Nakba cover up joint. having delegitimised them as newly arrived immigrants  to Palestine,

The meaning of the conflict

Prime Minister Netanyahu: “The Palestinians’ lack of will to recognise the state of Israel as the national state of the Jewish people is the root of the conflict.”1

why resissted Zionists : as any native people, irish scots welsh English would do if a massive army and a fledgling settler army started to organise mass immigration of Jews from Europe to make for a Jewish state at Palestinians country. replace them on the land.

Netanyahu: and anti-zionists anti semitic most recently more  Netanyahu and May Macron.  settlements and anti-semitism.

Pals always anti semitic

Israel always defenfig themselves.

Pals silenced media.

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use own words



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